Roger Gomez | Latest Dental news in 2016
Roger Gomez Dental Surgery, located in Burwood and Fairfield in Sydney NSW, provides a range of general dental, preventative dental and cosmetic dental care in English and Spanish with an emphasis on using the most modern techniques and technologies.
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Latest Dental news in 2016

Latest Dental news in 2016

Dear Readers,

A few important matters arise early in 2016

One of them relates to Medicare’s CDBS (Child Dental Benefit Scheme), a scheme that is allowing a large number of eligible children to receive a good level of dental work. Since late December 2015 we cannot confirm the eligibility of children. We receive information through the ADA (Australian Dental Association), that some software problems on Medicare’s end do not allow practitioners and even Medicare staff to confirm eligibility.

As per Medicare instructions we need to confirm this eligibility at the beginning of every calendar year and are required to have signed consent form parents or guardians.

Then, the only options are either to defer any treatment until Medicare resolves this. Computer issues or charge patients, so patients can get their rebates from Medicare offices. However, the risk is that a patient might not be eligible and no rebate is to be received.

We strongly suggest that you discuss these issues with your dentist so misunderstandings are avoided.

Another issue relates to Private Health Insurance and extras coverage.

It is increasingly more common to see patient’s disappointment at their level of health fund cover, especially in those that believe to have the “highest” level of coverage (Some people still believe that they should receive 75% of coverage). Since Health Funds cannot manipulate the level of hospital coverage very much, so they have more room to play with all the extras (Dentistry included).

Due to increasing premiums more people are leaving or downgrading their policies. So, in order the keep the same profit, Insurances increase their premiums and reduce the rebates. They will not tell you that because they need to sell their insurances and keep their clientele. Please make your own research if you don’t believe these statements.

Most people are better off, just holding onto their hospital covers and not taking any extras cover. Save that money and use it at the appropriate time. The ADA publishes the recommended prices for a number of procedures, you can compare the rebate and will see that with luck you will get 50 % back.

You only need to do the math and see whether you still need to have those extras under your policies.

The last item is Dental Tourism. Globalization has reached education, so there are highly qualified practitioners all around the globe. So, if you have dental treatment done in a country where cost of living is not as high as in Australia, chances are that you will be saving a fair amount of money. I don’t see anything wrong with it and I am open to that idea.

However, there are risks involved especially when things do not go according to the planning. I would suggest to have an open discussion with your regular dentist and also with the treating dentist overseas. And at least bring all your records, that will allow us to have a better understanding of the treatment performed.

Until the month of February

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