Roger Gomez | Why you should get a crown after a root canal treatment
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Why you should get a crown after a root canal treatment

Why you should get a crown after a root canal treatment

root-canal treatment After a tooth’s root canal therapy has been completed, also known as endodontic treatment, (which will save your natural tooth and allow you to keep it functional) it will require some type of permanent dental restoration.

A tooth that has had this treatment, needs to be protected from breaking down or fracturing. There are some options for this but crowns are usually the best method of covering and protecting the tooth.

Crowns provide the option of covering a tooth and also keeping it strong enough to bite with.

Sometimes it’s too much to ask for a tooth-coloured composite filling to keep a tooth strong enough to bite on, and if a weak filling is placed on the tooth, the tooth may break down or even fracture. Dental crown. Teeth that have had root canal therapy can be fragile, that’s because:

  • During treatment, a dentist must create an access cavity in the tooth. This tends to weaken it.
  • Many teeth that require this procedure have already experienced some type of event (such as a large cavity or major damage due to fracture).

That means, by the time a tooth’s root canal treatment has been completed, a fair amount of its structure may already have been lost. This can place it at risk, even when exposed to normal chewing forces.

As a solution, a dentist will often recommend that a crown should be placed; placing a dental crown on an endodontically treated molar has become the standard of care in dentistry.

Crowns provide the best alternative by covering the whole of the tooth and sides of a tooth to give the tooth strength to last a long time.

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