Roger Gomez | Alarming report reveals 5 million Australians over 50 have poor bone health
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Alarming report reveals 5 million Australians over 50 have poor bone health

Alarming report reveals 5 million Australians over 50 have poor bone health

Dear readers,

A report finds that more than 5 million Australians over 50 have poor bone health and most have no idea. In people over 50 the most common cause of fractures is Osteoporosis and in those, only 20 % are investigated for Osteoporosis.

It is an alarming report with consequences to the whole Community .Taking a preventive approach might surely limit the personal disabilities and financial burden to the Community at large. So it is our responsibility to use our health resources to be aware of our personal medical conditions and also to be part of its management.

Having said that , it has already been mentioned the dire consequences of removing a tooth or treating a bone infection in a person suffering from osteoporosis , especially in its relation to the medications in use. So it is from our point of view, mandatory to have a full oral assessment before starting any medication for Osteoporosis .

It is not uncommon that patients forget that taking a medication doesn’t mean that they are not suffering from such condition.

For example, patients do not mention a particular medication. When further asked , they casually say that they are Diabetics but the condition is under control.; assuming they are not Diabetics.

Dentistry is a Health Profession and all the Oral Structures are part of a person. All conditions are interconnected. Having updated information about a patient medical condition will allow us to diagnose,prevent , treat and communicate better with not only the patient per se but also with family and carers. It is noteworthy to remember the increasing number of senior members of the Community attending and expecting a high level of dental services.

A large number of them attend our services accompanied by relatives or carers, who also need to be aware of the patient’s medical condition and any treatment recommended and performed.

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Photo by Owen Beard on Unsplash