Roger Gomez | Avoid problems with dental implant treatments
Time is an essential part of successful dental implant procedures. Learn why it’s important not to rush your dentist to complete your treatment.
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Avoid problems with dental implant treatments

Avoid problems with dental implant treatments

Some problems associated with implant work might appear after 7 years of the procedure, early detection is key to manage these problems by attending regular check-up appointments with your dentist.

Not long ago I attended a Seminar about latest developments in the area of dental Extractions and Implant work.

One of the main points was that the problems associated with implant work tend somehow to appear after about 7 years. Not going into the technical part of it, it is very important to:

  • have a straightforward conversation with your dentist prior to starting the treatment,
  • attend regular check-ups post-implant placement, and
  • early treatment of any condition associated with implant work.

We tend to see more and more problems related to implant work especially in the area of gum health, and it looks like these problems are increasing rapidly. Remember that any gum problem around an implant will progress a lot quicker than in a natural tooth and the treatment is more complex.

It is a personal opinion that these problems are associated with:

  • very early loading (loading = when the crown or prosthetic restoration is placed over the dental implant), we all want to have a tooth on the day. In the past, we waited 6 months before loading an Implant; and
  • insufficient quality of the soft tissues surrounding the implants.

So please have a conversation with your dentist about these 2 areas before planning your dental treatment so that you know what to expect and when.

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