Roger Gomez | How much is enough for the life that we want?
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How much is enough for the life that we want?

How much is enough for the life that we want?

Dear readers,

Having came back from overseas has taken me to comment or give my thoughts in a topic away from Dentistry.

I visited Central and South America , particularly 2 countries with the highest level of financial and social stability in the region.

As we approach the age of retirement we tend to compare ( at east I do) our current standard of living and where we would like to retire and how we would like to live.

It is also necessary to think of the life we want for ourselves and the ones closest and dearest to us.

This takes us to a financial and personal decision, which involves not only money but also health resources, family and friends ,safety , amongst others.

A common thought whilst travelling overseas is asking ourselves whether we would live on those places and we start to take note of cost of living, house prices ,safety, medical facilities and also recreational activities.

To give an idea; a brand new 2 Bedroom apartment might cost you a 3rd or a 4th of the cost of a similar property here in Sydney and the cost of living might well be half or a third of Sydney’s cost of living.

So that a gross estimate might indicate that a person owning such a property here in Sydney can sell it, take the profit elsewhere and fully retire, living the life that a lot of people might be dreaming. That would also mean leaving family and friends, the safety and security that we find in Australia and a still good health system.

A fair question would be How much are we willing to trade in to live the live that we want ?

Watching a Youtube presentation about the subject of “How much is enough” , the presenter offered a different way to look at that question.

When confronted with the same dilemma he ultimately asked himself …”How little do I need to live the life that I want ?”

Until our next blog


Photo by Melissa Walker Horn on Unsplash