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Take responsibility for diseases that start at home

Take responsibility for diseases that start at home

Dear readers,

I just came back from a quick trip to the States (USA). Family reasons allow me to take part of a surprise birthday party to an aunty turning 90. Needless to say, she is in great shape. Her dancing abilities and diet requirements prove me right. If you need further proof I can send you the Facebook link.

Besides that, I was going for meals with some relatives and it was quite striking the meals portions; especially the breakfast ones. They were a good double the amount in size and at least 3 times the calories content of my usual breakfast. No doubt USA occupies the 12th position in the list of most obese countries in the world ( 35 % of population ) and Australia the 29th, with a 30 % of the population deemed obese according to the BMI index ( BMI relates height with weight).

I am not going to expand on this. I want to use this subject as an example of modern diseases that start at home. In other words diseases for which we are responsible. We cannot blame the State, Federal Government or at this stage as thinking adults blame our parents.

Whilst overseas I was also asked about a gum condition, I gave my opinion but straight away I received a defensive position that took away any responsibility from the individual. At that point I decided to change the topic. Once again we prefer to blame anything and anyone before accepting our responsibility.

Lastly, it was shocking to see the amount of people using their phones whilst driving. It was a matter of fact to take calls and not to mention that it was not unusual to write messages and check your Facebook. We must live in lucky times otherwise the amount of car accidents would be astounding.

Perhaps I am putting in writing what most of you are already noticing. Living in times where we take for granted everyone and everything…not only our health and our lives but also the lives of others.

Until our next Blog