Roger Gomez | The evolution of dental treatments: Always ask the tough questions
interest free payments plans, health fund no-gap rebates, dental tourism and competitive pricing in dentistry allows some patients to access services that they couldn’t have otherwise, however some care needs to be taken not to buy unnecessary or lower quality services. Read on to learn more. planes de pagos sin interés, reembolsos sin cuotas de fondos de salud, turismo odontológico y precios competitivos en odontología permite a algunos pacientes acceder a servicios que no podrían tener de otra manera, sin embargo hay que tener cuidado de no comprar servicios innecesarios o de menor calidad, siga leyendo para saber mas.
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The evolution of dental treatments: Always ask the tough questions

The evolution of dental treatments: Always ask the tough questions

In this blog post Dr. Roger Gomez explains why you should take with a grain of salt some of the latest and popular business innovations in the dental and medical industries. Always ask the tough questions to your practitioner, even if you are not paying the full price or upfront for your treatment, remember that, in some cases, you get what you pay for, and what you pay for might not necessarily mean you get the level of treatment that you need.

Dear readers,

The business of Dentistry continues to evolve and in these days, the offering of credit at no interest is quite common in order to proceed with a dental treatment. Another enticement is treatment where only health fund rebates are accepted. Perhaps one of the biggest attractions is Fast Dentistry when results are promised in a short period of time.

Competition is a good incentive to all operators, whether we are Business Owners or Employed Dentists, we need to accept that Dentistry needs to be efficient and price competitive. Having said that, the price of any product is the price we are willing to pay for such product.

It is extremely important that patients as buyers of a health product ask for an explanation and not only accept the attractive side of the offer. For example, do we ask what are the disadvantages of a quick treatment, is it fair to say that there might be some disadvantages in such procedure? What does it mean when a Fund offers to fully cover a dental/medical treatment?.

Furthermore, Dental Tourism is growing and we might not be able to stop it. It is only human nature to shop around and we must accept that there are very good professionals everywhere offering services at better prices than in Australia. However, we need to ask the same questions we would’ve asked if that procedure was to be carried out in Australia. Could those products be repaired or treatments be followed up in Australia? We do know the hefty penalties for using or supplying products not TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved. So it would be a good idea if you gather as much information before embarking onto unknown territory.

As patients or customers, we need to face the Yin and Yan of Benefits and Responsibilities.

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